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How Can Anratu Reports Help You?

We give you a package of powerful tools to make deep insight into your customers' behavior.

Meet your customer

Get to know your most valuable customers. Group your clients according to expenditure and last order date. Target your marketing campaigns to strategic groups of your clients.

Most Valuable Customers report allows you to do all this quickly and effectively. Thanks to this, you get lists of customers you want to win.

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Follow customer satisfaction

You can be sure your clients are satisfied with your service when they come back. You will find it helpful to know how many of your clients’ trust you have won. It is even more interesting to know how this has changed in time.

Find out all this with our New vs Returning Customers report.

Monitor your margin

Do you monitor products sales margin? Would you like to find an easy way to see what an average margin in a particular category is?

Sales by SKU and Sales by Category reports provide you with details about cost and margin, as well as other valuable information. In this way, you can identify your most profitable products.

Customize your reports

Are you frustrated with too general reports? Nobody knows your preferences better than you yourself. Our reports enable you to tailor data display according to your needs so that you can focus on relevant information only.

On top of that, you can export your report to PDF, Excel and CSV files.

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